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Credits and Thanks

Shine Micro

Shine Micro graciously provides the live ship location data.

Note that these are the boat's last reported locations via AIS and may not be up to date. Hover or click on the "location pins" for more information.

Shine Micro is the industry leader in long range Automatic Identification System (AIS) reception, and offers AIS solutions for maritime, avionics, Aids to Navigation (AtoNs), and self-contained, solar powered beacons.
Michael Berman Photography

Michael Berman Photography provided many of the great black and white photographs.

When not traveling the world, shooting award winning photographs for national and international clients, Michael Berman enjoys photographing and sailing on the many wooden boats that sail out of and visit Port Townsend.
Sandra Smith-Poling

Sandra Smith-Poling provided the watercolors of Adventuress and Lady Washington.

Sandra has paintings in galleries and private collections worldwide. Her painting "Arthur Foss towing the Wawona" was the 2004 Wooden Boat Festival Poster award winner. Her husband is an accomplished skin on frame (Baidarka) kayak builder.

SALTS provided photos of the Pacific Grace and Pacific Swift.

SALTS' mission is "to develop the spiritual, relational, and physical potential of young people through sail training, shipboard life, and associated activities in a Christian environment".

Many other photos were contributed by the various boat owners.

Thank you!

Here is our (very raw) Data of the boats covered

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